Jss College of Arts and Commerce
Gundlupete, Karnataka-571111


The Department of Geography was started in the year 1983-84. The subject is being taught as one of the optional subjects for B.A course and first semester B.Com course. It is one of the major subjects in humanities (Arts Combination) and offered EG and KG combinations. This is the only subject in Arts which has theoretical and practical based curriculum. The department of Geography brings out almost cent percent result every year. The Department has well equipped Laboratory, Teaching aids, Maps, Demonstration sets and Instruments for better understanding of the subject. It attracts more number of students every year due to owing its academic performance.


  • To bring out the hidden Talents of the students
  • To Make the students to contribute much in the field of professional course
  • To Train up the students to become independent and self reliant


  • Strengthen the rural students to face modern challenges.
  • To mould the young generations to achieve steadfastness to the principles and technical education.

Our Department has well experienced and efficient teaching and non-teaching staff. They have academic excellence. They are more dedicated and giving excellent coaching to bring cent percent result.

Members of the Faculty

Sri. Prabhuswamy H K

Assistant Professor & HOD

MA. M.phil, KSET.

Sri. Guruprasad N

Assistant Professor

M.Sc, B Ed, KSET.



M.A in Geography

Maheshwari K M

Assistant Professor

M.Sc in Geography

The subject Geography with both theory and practical component as prescribed by the University of Mysore. The course is semester based and the syllabus of the course is restructured to cater to the present day needs, The list of class wise paper and code number is given in the following table.

Educational Tour

The Department of Geography has been Organized the Study Tour every year to create awareness among the students about the Geographical aspects of the various places.

Achievements of the Students

Some of the students of our Department have made a remarkable achievement in the curricular and extracurricular activities. The students who have secured highest marks in Geography have been awarded the cash prize in the name of Dr. Mahadevaiah.S.

  • A student named Kum. Neela has won Gold Medal in Geography in University of Mysore academic 2021-22.

Achievements of the Department

The department of Geography succeeded on the following achievements as per the previous plans.

  • Conducted special lecture programmes frequently.
  • Conducted Study Tour programmes successfully every year.


Sl No Name of the Equipments Quantity in No’s
1 Engineering instument box 02
2 Magnifying glass 01
3 Wooden black board instuments box 04
4 Sets sqare protector (one set) 01
5 Clinical thermometers 30 cm length 03
6 Clinical thermometers C & F 04
7 Maximum & Minimum thermometers 03
8 Mariner compass 02
9 Wet & Dry bulb thermometers 03
10 Aneroid barometers 02
11 Rain gauge 02
12 Wind vane 01
13 Sharp Japan make calculator ( solar) 01
14 Plain table with accessies 04
15 Prismatic compass with accessies 06
16 Prismatic compass tripod stand 06
17 Measurng tape (cotton) 03
18 Ranging rod 06
19 Chains – Meter, Gunter &Engineering 03
20 French curves 02
21 C D on Geography 10
22 O H P Transpirancies 10
23 Over head Projection 02
24 Slides ( small)( one set ) Set of 25 25
25 Pantograph 01
26 Cup Anemometer 01

Maps and Charts

Sl No Name of the Maps & Charts Qty in No’s
1 World Physical (English) 02
2 World Political (English) 02
3 World Physical (Kannada) 02
4 World Political (Kannada) 04
5 World Industries (English) 02
6 Asia Physical (English) 03
7 Asia Political(English) 02
8 Asia Physical (Kannada) 02
9 Asia  Political(Kannada) 02
10 Europe Political (Kannada) 02
11 Africa Physical (Kannada) 01
12 Africa Political (Kannada) 01
13 India Physical (English) 02
14 India Political(English) 02
15 India Physical (Kannada) 01
16 Indiia Political (Kannada) 03
17 India Minerals (English) 02
18 India Industries(English) 01
19 Physical map of India (English) 02
20 Road map of India (English) 01
21 Karnataka Physical( English) 02
22 Karntaka Political(English) 01
23 Karntaka Physical(Kannada) 02
24 Karnataka Political (Kannada) 02
25 Chamarajanagar district map (Kannada) 02
26 India weather map set (English) 08
27 Map projection charts (English) 02
28 Conventional siggnals & symbal charts (E) 02
29 Weather map symbols (English) 02
30 Toposheets(Laminated) 50
31 Toposheets (Cloth mounted) 68

Nystrom Raised Relief Maps

Sl No Name of Maps Quantity in No’s
1 World (English) 01
2 Asia (English) 01
3 Europe(English) 01
4 North America(English) 01
5 South America (Enlish) 01
6 Africa(English) 01
7 Australia(English) 01
8 India(English) 01

Wall hanging Geographer’s Photos

Sl No Name of Photo’s QTY. in No’s
2 W M -DAVIS 01


SL NO Name of Maps QTY. in No’s
1 Big size 01
2 12 ’’ Diameter 01
3 8 ’’ 02
4 1/2 ’’ 01
5 Rico Illuminated 01
6 Celestial 30 cm 01


The Department of Commerce was started in the academic year 1983-84. With the strong leadership of Dr. K.V. Suresh, Prof. Umesha, Dr. Honnappa, Prof. S Linganna and other senior Professors. B.Com Course started with 15 students. Ever since its inception, the Department has made great studies. Now it is the biggest Department in the college with highly qualified teachers.

Department has been making all efforts to bring out the best students of national standard. Needless to say that the department has been doing well with the active participation and performance of the faculty members.


“Transformation of stakeholder’s aspirations into reality through business education”


  • Industry-institution tie up for customized business education
  • Imparting skill oriented business education
  • Expanding the horizon of business education through field work and seminar.


Educational institutions, being deliberate and purposive creations are created for the fulfillment of fundamental goals of education i.e., Character building through values, which forms the foundation for any harmonious society:

The main objectives of our department are:

  1. To provide cutting edge knowledge and professional skills in commerce.
  2. To offer viable carrier oriented courses in the field of Commerce.
  3. To impart skills in information processing to meet the demand of a competitive world



  • Large department in terms of number of students and faculty members.
  • Updated and Dedicated Teachers.
  • The Department is organizing Special Lecture Programmes.
  • E-Commerce COC Programme.
  • Sensitive to Emerging Issues.
  • Paper presentation and Group Discussion on emerging issues in the field of Commerce and Industries.
  • Organizing Industrial Trips.


  • Students are poor in soft and communication skill
  • Limited Industrial Academic Interaction.
  • Limited corporate exposure to the students.
  • Rural students with poor economic status.


  • Guidance about opportunities in the field of Corporate world.
  • Awareness about Board Exams namely, ICAI, ICSI, ICWA., etc,.
  • To introduce Post Graduate Courses (M.Com or MBA).


  • Students from Rural area having poor knowledge of English Language and Soft Skill.
  • Competition from nearby Government First Grade Colleges.
  • Limited exposure to Corporate Standards.
  • Up gradation of non-commerce students to the Commerce Stream.

Staff Details


Departmental Staff meeting:

Twice in each semester the staff meeting will held to discuss various academic issues in regard to the following matters:

  • Discussion about organizing orientation programme for new entrants
  • Discussion about workload and its distribution among staff.
  • Preparation of time table of the Department.
  • Selection of topics for Student seminars and group discussions.
  • To conduct Special lecture Programmes, Workshops and Seminars
  • Preparation of subject-wise question papers for conducting Internal Assessment test.
  • Evaluation of internal assessment.
  • Conducting Remedial and Bridge Course classes.


Continuous Evaluation of Student’s Performance
Constantly efforts are made to evaluate the academic performance and progress of the students through: –

  • Regular class test
  • Assignments and skill developments
  • Group discussion & quiz competition
  • Student Seminar
  • Open Book Test
  • Viva

 Role of the Department in Motivating the Students.

  • Felicitation of toppers in commerce subjects
  • Conducting Bridge Course and Remedial classes
  • Encourage students to take part in sports, N.C.C., N.S.S., Youth Red Cross and Scouts and Guides
  • Encourage the Students to take part in Cultural Programs
  • Encourage the Students to become Self employed

Future Plan
The department envisages the following plan for the next five years.

  • Introduction of M.Com (PG) Course.
  • Introduction of BBA Course.
  • Introduction of diploma in HRM, Marketing, Finance and Taxation as certificate course.
  • To organize the National and State level seminars/workshops
  • To organize Commerce and Management fest at inter-collegiate level.